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Winter games for your dog

Winter games for your dogIt may be cold outside. And yes, there may be only a few hours of light throughout the whole day. But your dog doesn’t hibernate during winter. Just like humans they have to keep moving and get their daily exercise to stay fit. Below you can find some interesting games you can try out with your dog during winter.

  • Hide & Seek

It may sound a bit silly, but try playing hide and seek with your dog. Start out by throwing a treat away so your dog will go after it. Meanwhile hide somewhere in your house or yard and wait for your dog to find you. It’s a great mental exercise as well as a physical one. It can really tire your dog out (which is often good, but be aware they don’t get too tired) and train their sense of smell.

  • Use your treadmill

while there are treadmills specially designed for dogs, many owners can’t afford one of those. However, if you’re in the possession of a human treadmill you can use that one to train your dog inside the house. Be sure to set the speed really low as to not injure your dog and taunt him/her with a treat on the mill.

  • Just go outside!

Yes we know it’s cold and we know it’s getting dark early, but who cares? Don’t be a wimp and take your dog outside. Even in the snow, dogs are protected by their fur and they’ll often have the time of their lives playing with the white powdery stuff. As for you? Just put on an extra coat and watch your dog play in the snow. Or maybe you can even join her?

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