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What Are You Really Feeding Your Pet?

We all like to think of our pets as members of our family, and naturally we want what’s best for them. We make sure that their children have healthy diets, so it stands to reason that we would do the same thing for our pets. Unfortunately, people rarely pay attention to what they are feeding the animals in their homes.

Store-bought Pet Food

As much as we would like to think that store-bought dog and cat food is the best (or only) option for our pets, it turns out that many of these foods contain ingredients that are unfit for human consumption. Many pet food companies get their ingredients from salvage food companies. Salvaged food is food that has been stored improperly or subjected to abnormal environmental conditions yet has been “reconditioned” for uses other than human consumption. Naturally, those other uses include being fed to our pets.

Although pet food is a multi-billion dollar industry, it is one that is largely unregulated. This is why so many pet food companies can get away with essentially packaging unhealthy and unsafe foods to be fed to family pets. With a few exceptions, domesticated animals can eat many of the same kinds of foods that humans eat, and while there are pet owners who prepare their own pet food or go out of their way to order specialty foods, most people do not. They buy what is the most readily available, and in most cases that means buying something that ultimately isn’t good for their pets.

Finding Better Alternatives

dog-treatSo, if most commercial pet foods aren’t good for your pets, what are your alternatives? As previously mentioned, one option is to prepare your own pet food. This is probably the best option since you can make sure that your pet will be receiving a balanced diet. You can also add healthy ingredients that aren’t usually found in commercial pet food such as hemp seeds. Hemp seeds are incredibly nutritionally dense, and they are a great source of essential fatty acids. Note: Hemp seeds contain no THC and are very different from the smoker’s variant. Hemp seeds and hemp oil are healthy and perfectly safe for humans and animals, so try mixing some hemp oil into your pet’s food whether you prepare it yourself or you find a high-quality specialty food. One good recipe for a simple hypo-allergenic dog food can be found here at Living Harvest. Also try treating your dog with home-baked peanut butter & hemp snacks rather than unhealthy jerky treats. Otherwise, a quick Google search should lead you to some other great pet food recipes.

Your pet is a member of your family, one that deserves a healthy and balanced diet. Think twice the next time you purchase commercial pet food and consider preparing it yourself instead.

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